Tally B is coming

This Series will deliver major enhancements both in entirely new areas of functionality as well as in technology capabilities.

Technology, Capability & Functional Enhancements


Support for multiple application windows, which can even be launched by clicking on a mail link or a 'shortcut., Each of these are simultaneous 'windows' into different areas of your business processes & reports. Dynamic data refresh and the display of different views when resizing - for e.g. smaller windows displaying a more consolidated view of data, will improve organizational management and productivity.


A 'thread' is a specific task that is being performed by the microprocessor. Enhanced capabilities will be enabled such that each application window can perform more tasks simultaneously instead of linearly, including processing messages from the server. Multi-core processors, even on the desktop, are now common. We will take full advantage of these as well.

Multi Stack Architecture for Scale-up & Scale-down Deployments

To deliver the capabilities described above, and the ones that follow, Tally.ERP 9 will become 'componentised' – consisting of several layers of programs - often referred to as 'n-tier architecture'.

These software components are horizontally scalable, meaning that you can add one more computer to increase the computing power needed for a layer. In the same way, you can remove systems as needed, or collapse them into a single system - all of them even on a notebook, if required.

High Transaction Capacity with Low Latency & Management

Let us say that you start generating a report that needs to be extracted from a few thousand vouchers. This process is run in a 'session', which is isolated from all other users. Even if other users delete or modify any of the vouchers needed for the report while the report is being compiled, there is no impact on this session and you will get to see the report as if these other users did not exist.

In the same way, the user performing the edit will also be isolated. After the edit, he can open the voucher and see it with the changes he made, perhaps even delete it.

The architecture described above will in itself deliver substantial performance and transaction handling capacity. To push performance further in those cases when the storage media (typically the hard disk) is busy with other operations, additional capabilities will store these transactions 'temporarily' in a 'Q' for later write, while the user is free to continue his work (these transactions are protected against power failures and so on).

Payment Engine for Debit & Credit Cards

The facility for online payments using a variety of payment mechanisms (NEFT, online banking, credit cards), as well as receive payments (Debit / Credit Cards, NEFT etc) will be available.

Online Banking and Reconciliation

Collaborating with Banks who wish to facilitate their customers with this capability, we will provide Online Banking - including Payment Instructions, Standing Instructions, DD, NEFT,RTGS Transfers, Balance Queries, Instruction Status, Automated or Semi-Automated Bank Reconciliation.

Point-of-Sale for most Retail Environments

Series B will support dedicated POS terminals, with Credit/Debit Card, Discount Coupons and various other payment mixes, Loyalty support, schemes, multi-layered supervisory control, simultaneous keyboard and scanner controls, integrated or isolated printing of bill and credit card authorisation slips, item substitution, rate markup/markdowns, integration with measuring devices - such as weighing scales, bill suspension and retrieval, bill reversals and cancellations, etc. It can also be used for other store operations (receipting, inventory management etc), and general business operations (finance and accounts) - both on the same machine or separate machines.

Income Tax

Comprehensive IT coverage encompassing corporate & individual income tax, including typical payroll requirements and e-Returns will be available.

EXIM Documentation

Import & export documentation has become a growing need with the world economy becoming more open. This requirement will be supported, additionally covering the processes that need to be managed along with the documentation.

Job Costing

The enhanced Job Costing functionality will support most job costing needs to a level of granularity that is increasingly needed. We expect that you will be able to handle most, if not all, project accounting needs as well.

Fixed Assets

To take advantage of tax breaks as well as to manage organizational assets, this feature will support all requirements - from opening assets, adding, removing, amalgamating, grouping, vendor tagging, AMC's, servicing, service calendars, repairs and upkeep, refurbishing, breaking-down, depreciating and disposal for complete fixed asset management.